WOOdman Carbo SL PLUS Carbon Sattelstütze

Carbo SL PLUS has the same gene as Post SL PLUS but using top-quality carbon fiber. Perfect for heavier riders or powerful ridings.
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Inspiriert von der renommierten Post SL PLUS setzt die Carbo SL PLUS Carbon-Sattelstütze neue Maßstäbe, indem sie hochwertige Kohlefaser-Materialien verwendet. Diese Carbon-Sattelstütze eignet sich hervorragend für Mountainbiking, Gravel-Riding und Cross-Country.

Die Carbo SL PLUS Carbon Sattelstütze bietet eine perfekte Balance zwischen Stärke und leichter Konstruktion. Entwickelt für Stabilität und verbesserte Kraftübertragung verfügt die Carbo SL PLUS Carbon-Sattelstütze über eine vergrößerte Kontaktfläche, die die Klemmkräfte über einen größeren Bereich verteilt. Dadurch wird der Sattel sicher gehalten und das Gewicht des Fahrers gleichmäßig verteilt, um Effizienz und Kraft zu fördern. Sie eignet sich besonders für schwerere Fahrer oder solche, die kraftvolle Fahrerlebnisse suchen.


Carbon fiber tube, aluminum head and CrMo bolts.


  • Eine hervorragende Balance zwischen Leichtgewicht und Stärke
  • Getestet nach höchsten Standards
  • Entwickelt für Rennräder, MTBs, Gravel Bikes, Cross-Country und E-Bikes
  • Kompatibel mit Standard-Carbon-Schienen (7X9)
  • Perfekt für schwerere Fahrer

DIAMETERS: 27,2mm / 30,9mm / 31,6mm / 34,9mm

LENGTH:  350mm / 400mm



MAX. Insertion  MIN. Insertion Weight (grams)
27.2 X 350 N/A 80mm 163g
27.2 X 400 N/A 95mm 177.5g
30.9 X 350 N/A 80mm 167g
30.9 X 400 N/A 95mm 182.3g
31.6 X 350 N/A 80mm 183.5g
31.6 X 400 N/A 95mm 200.5g
34.9 X 400 N/A 95mm 200.3g


Customer Reviews

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Kevin Willard
Good ,but could be better

34.9 rigid carbon seatpost are impossible to find. So when i saw this i figured I'd better get it and take a chance. The gloss finish is beautiful and the post itself is firm enough that you can easily get to 4 nm torque setting on an alloy frame. I use carbon paste to lock it in. So far it shows no signs of slipping into the seat tube, no creaking noises. The saddle rail clamps I don't like. This style is very difficult to attach a seat and this design just seems weak and can brake easily, but so far so good. I just wish it used a clamp plate that clamps the saddle rails directly above the lower clamp like most other post. Also the curved piece that the rails sit on has a hole in that will allow water and dirt to enter the seat tube. I used a piece of rubber plumbers tape to seal the hole. All in all it it working fine and is holding my Carbon rail SDG saddle in place, again with no annoying creaking noises. It makes for a very light set up and ive had no issues with the saddle moving out of position or the the seatpost moving onto the seat tube. Beautiful post just with it had a better rail clamping system.

Thank you for sharing your detailed feedback and experience with the 34.9 seatpost! Your input is sure to assist us in making future improvements that will also benefit others contemplating a similar setup. We truly appreciate it. Thank you again and enjoy your rides!

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