WOOdman 1" 36°/45° Headset Bearing

Position Specific Bearings. For WOOdman headsets or upgrade for many other headsets. OD38 x ID27.15 x H6.5mm - 36°/45° (1")
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The 1 inch headset bearing is designed to work best with WOOdman headsets, but it also being compatible with other 1" headset bearing standards, whether threaded or threadless headset or commonly available 1" 36°/45° headset bearings.

Top Bearings : Retainer for assembly on top part of a headset.

Bottom Bearings: Full balls for assembly at the bottom part of a headset. Blue seal. Black cage.

1" Bearing Size: OD38 x ID27.15 x H6.5mm - 36°/45°

Available for purchase in both pairs and singles.



For the bike headset, the key and important element is the bearings! WOOdman bearings are sealed, with a retainer design for the top bearing and a full-ball and full-grease design for the bottom bearing. This meticulous design not only extends the lifespan of our bearings but also enhances their durability, enabling them to withstand even the most extreme riding conditions. As a result, they are the ideal choice for upgrading the headset bearing on road bikes or MTBs.


Woodman 1" headset bearings
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