WOOdman 1" 36°/45° Headset Bearing

Position Specific Bearings. For WOOdman headsets or upgrade for many other headsets. OD38 x ID27.15 x H6.5mm - 36°/45° (1")
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WOOdman 1 inch headset sealed bearings for WOOdman headsets or upgrade for many other headsets.

TOP: Retainer for assembly on top part of a headset.

BOTTOM: Full balls for assembly at the bottom part of a headset. Blue seal. Black cage.

SIZE: OD38 x ID27.15 x H6.5mm - 36°/45°

Sold in a pair or single.


WOOdman Headset Bearing

For extreme use or light weight - the loads a headset has to cope with remain the same. In WOOdman Position Specific design we increase the number of balls in the bottom bearing to nearly 100% more than the competition. This, along with our full-grease spec, nearly doubles the lifespan of the lower bearing.

Of course WOOdman’s Position Specific bearings are designed to work best with WOOdman headsets. But they can also be an upgrade for many headsets.


Woodman 1" headset bearings
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