WOOdman Axis SPG 1 1/4" EC44/31.8 EC44/33

For 1 1/4" straight fork into 44mm headtube. EC44/31.8 EC44/33
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WOOdman Axis SPG 1 1/4" EC44/31.8 EC44/33 is specifically designed to fit 44mm headtube and straight 1-1/4" steerer forks, with external cup. It provides smooth steering and enhances stability on any terrain.

Delivered with WOOdman SGC Crown Race, Position Specific Bearings, and SP Height Adjustment Plate. This is No Specific Tool Design, easy to install.

MATERIALS: CNC-machined 6061 T6 Aluminum, durable sealed bearings.



  • S.H.I.S Top:EC44/31.8
  • S.H.I.S Bottom:EC44/33
  • Fork Steerer:Straight 1 1/4" fork
  • Top Bearing:WOOdman F45°/45°  (46.9 x 7mm)
  • Bottom Bearing:WOOdman F45°/45°  (46.9 x 7mm)
  • Stack Height:Top 13mm / Bottom 11mm



Designed for high performance across extreme use and lightweight riding. Tool-free installation.


FL Cap is a WOOdman lightweight design. The latest Torx screw is made of 7075 aluminum, which is lighter and has better torsinal strength than Haxagon socket screws.


1-1/4" headset cap


SP Hight Adjustment Plate

Because all frames are not created equal, and paint thickness may vary, the dimension of the headtube may be different from frame to frame. In order to keep the smallest possible gap between the top of the head tube and the headset cap, which guarantees the best headset sealing possible, we designed the SP Height Adjustment Plate. By adding or removing SP plates during headset cap assembly, you can adjust the gap’s height. Each WOOdman SP headset comes with three aluminum spacers.



Position Specific Bearings

For the bike headset, the key and important element is the bearings! WOOdman bearings are sealed, with a retainer design for the top bearing and a full-ball and full-grease design for the bottom bearing. This meticulous design not only extends the lifespan of our bearings but also enhances their durability, enabling them to withstand even the most extreme riding conditions. As a result, they are the ideal choice for upgrading the headset bearing on road bikes or MTBs. 

1-1/4" headset bearings

SGC Fork Crown Race

One of the key features of the SPG series is the SGC fork crown race- it can be assembled or removed without any tools.

Our patent SGC crown race allows it to be installed on the fork crown without tools, while the reinforced steel ring prevents deformation during the process. We also added a seal to ensure the least amount of maintenance possible.


Customer Reviews

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Headset usefully compatible with Canyon 1 1/4 Forks

I got this headset because I had to replace the frame on a canyon grail but didn't want to buy a new fork. I felt lucky to find that Woodman had the headset size I needed to make my new frame compatible with the fork as I couldn't find it anywhere else. It has been installed successfully on a fork from a Canyon Grail. The shipping was quite fast as well to the US.

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WOOdman Axis SPG 1 1/4" EC44/31.8 EC44/33
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