WOOdman Axis HS 1.5 SPG EC49/EC49

For 1.5” straight fork into Cannondale® Headshok® standard frame. Compatible with 1.5" External 49.7mm low insertion headtube. EC49/38.1 EC49/40
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WOOdman Axis HS 1.5 SPG EC49/EC49 headset is specifically designed to fit Cannondale Headshok frames and is intended for use with 1.5 (1-1/2") straight steerer forks. Most early Cannondale frame models feature a 1.5" actual 49mm headtube size, making this headset a suitable choice.

Furthermore, even though it is designed for the Cannondale Headshok frame, if you are looking for a EC49/38.1 EC49/40 headset, it will also fit appropriately.

**If you are uncertain about the compatibility of your bike, please reach out to us for assistance.**

Delivered with WOOdman SGC Crown Race, Position Specific Bearings, and SP Height Adjustment Plate. This is No Specific Tool Design, easy to install.

MATERIALS: CNC-machined 6061 T6 Aluminum

EC49/EC49 Headset TECH SPECS:

  • Fits Cannondale® Headshok® Standard Frame (49.7 low insertion headtube)
  • S.H.I.S Top:EC49/38.1
  • S.H.I.S Bottom:EC49/40
  • Fork Steerer:Straight 1.5"
  • Top Bearing:WOOdman X45°/45°  (52 x 7mm)
  • Bottom Bearing:WOOdman X45°/45°  (52 x 7mm)
  • Stack Heights: Top 14.8mm /Bottom: 12.6mm
  • Crown Race:40mm



Designed for high performance across extreme use and lightweight riding. Tool-free installation.


FL Cap is a WOOdman lightweight design. The latest Torx screw is made of 7075 aluminum, which is lighter and has better torsinal strength than Haxagon socket screws.



Dust Cover 

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WOOdman Axis HS 1.5 SPG EC49/EC49
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