WOOdman Carbo EL Carbon Seatpost

Using top-quality carbon fiber, the EL series is a groundbreaking GT2 seatpost innovation born for ultimate speed and high performance riding. In-house production gives a product that balances an extremely lightweight end result with robust durability, passed the highest standard product testing.
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Using top-quality carbon fiber, this carbon seatpost is a one-of-a-kind design with a tapered tube. Our in-house production ensures a seatpost that strikes a delicate balance between an extremely lightweight final product and robust durability, successfully passing the highest standard product testing. The EL carbon seatpost allows for weight reduction and improved comfort without compromising durability or performance.

This carbon seatpost is a timeless product in our lineup, with a 20-year sales history. 

The 27.2X350 weighs only 128.3g, it's the best choice for the weight-conscious riders! 


Intelligently engineered tapered carbon fiber tube and CNC-machined premium titanium bolts.


  • Ultra lightweight carbon seatpost
  • Offers a 250mm length to help you save weight
  • Zero Offset
  • Tested to the highest standard
  • Designed for Road, City and light XC
  • Compatible with standard carbon rails (7X9)

DIAMETERS : 27.2mm / 30.9mm / 31.6mm

LENGTH:  250mm / 350mm / 400mm


*Please note that the clamping force of the EL and DX series is only sustained by the clamping area. Do not cut the seatpost under any circumstances. 


MAX. Insertion  MIN. Insertion Weight (grams)
27.2 X 250 115mm 65mm 106.8g
27.2 X 350 175mm 90mm 128.3g
27.2 X 400 180mm 95mm 131.5g
30.9 X 250 120mm 65mm 114.5g
30.9 X 350 175mm 90mm 139g
30.9 X 400 180mm 95mm 145.9g
31.6 X 250 120mm 65mm 115.4g
31.6 X 350 175mm 90mm 143.8g
31.6 X 400 180mm 95mm 156.6g


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