WOOdman Post DX Seatpost

The taper tube design delivers a fresh look while remaining ultra lightweight. The 25mm setback offers a larger distance to the handlebar, providing a comfortable riding position. Post DX is a perfect addition for the road and light XC.
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WOOdman Post DX seatpost is a precision-engineered masterpiece made from high-quality CNC-machined aluminum. This lightweight seatpost features a 25mm seatback, providing an ideal position for enhanced comfort and control. Additionally, a tapered tube design resulting in a sleek and contemporary appearance. 

Crafted with durable aluminum components and secured with precious titanium bolts, the 27.2 X 350 variant weighs in at just 152g, making it highly efficient for weight-conscious riders. Whether you're a road cyclist, light XC MTB enthusiast, or a city commuter, the Post DX Seatpost is the perfect upgrade for your bike.


CNC-machined high-strength 2014 T6 Aluminum tube and premium titanium bolts.

Post DX seatpost features:

  • 25mm offset
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Anti-Slip design
  • Designed for Road, city and light XC
  • Compatible with standard carbon rails (7X9)

SIZE: 27.2 / 30.9 / 31.6 / 34.9

LENGTH:  250/ 350 / 400mm

COLORS: Black, Blue, Red, Pink, Gold, Pewter


*Please note that the clamping force of the EL and DX series is only sustained by the clamping area. Do not cut the seatpost under any circumstances.


MAX. Insertion  MIN. Insertion Weight (grams)
27.2 X 250 95mm 60mm 119g
27.2 X 350 190mm 85mm 152g
30.9 X 250 95mm 60mm 129g
30.9 X 350 190mm 85mm 167.3g
30.9 X 400 215mm 90mm 182g
31.6 X 250 95mm 60mm 140.3g
31.6 X 350 190mm 85mm 182.6g
31.6 X 400 215mm 90mm 202g
34.9 X 400 215mm 90mm 204.3g

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