WOOdman ZeroTwo 4630 PF BB Cups

For PressFit30 standard MTB and Road bikes.
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For PressFit30 standard MTB and Road bikes.

The cups of WOOdman ZeroTwo 4630 PF are just pressed in the PF30 shell so no need to buy anything else, except a good tool to make sure not to damage the cups or the bearing of ZeroTwo 4630PF during installation.
Furthermore WOOdman ZeroTwo 4630PF reproduces the offset of the original cups, meaning you will have the same chain-line and keep the shifting performances.

MATERIALS:CNC-machined 6061 T6 Aluminum
SIZE:PF30/30mm Axle
Black Cups: ENDURO® regular bearings(80g/set)
Red Cups: ENDURO® Ceramic ZERO bearings.(73.5g/set)

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