WOOdman Carbo DX Carbon Seatpost

Intelligently engineered tapered carbon fiber tube, CNC-machined premium titanium bolts. 25mm setback. A fresh look and an extra light weight that makes the ideal seatpost for upgrading your road bicycles.
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Delivering a sleek aesthetic without compromising on weight, the WOOdman Carbo DX is the lightweight carbon seatpost for weight-conscious riders seeking high-performance.

Utilizing intelligently engineered tapered carbon fiber tubes, and CNC-machined premium titanium bolts, the Carbo DX does not skimp on quality and durability. Combining the best carbon fiber with the strength of aluminium head, this is a seatpost that will last the distance.
The 25mm setback offers a larger distance to the handlebar, providing a comfortable riding position while delivering efficient vibration damping. Passing standard testing with ease and style, the Carbo DX is the ideal carbon seatpost for your premium bicycles.

Carbo DX Specifications:


Intelligently engineered tapered carbon fiber tube, CNC-machined aluminum head and premium titanium bolts.


  • Ultra lightweight
  • 25mm setback / offset
  • Tested to the highest standard, the rider's weight maximum set at 120kg. 
  • Designed for Road biking
  • Compatible with standard carbon rails (7X9)

DIAMETERS:  27.2 / 30.9 / 31.6 

LENGTH:  250 / 350 / 400mm


*Please note that the clamping force of the EL and DX series is only sustained by the clamping area. Do not cut the seatpost under any circumstances. 


MAX. Insertion  MIN. Insertion Weight (grams)
27.2 X 250 115mm 65mm 125g
27.2 X 350 175mm 90mm 147.2g
27.2 X 400 180mm 95mm 155.5g
30.9 X 250 115mm 65mm 136.8g
30.9 X 350 175mm 90mm 160.9g
30.9 X 400 180mm 95mm 169.2g
31.6 X 250 115mm 65mm 137.2g
31.6 X 350 175mm 90mm 163.2g
31.6 X 400 180mm 95mm 172.5g

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